Coronavirus-hit Cult Raises Tough Questions For South

Coronavirus-hit Cult Raises Tough Questions For South

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Making Shincheonji the target of objection for interfering with the federal government’s control initiatives is one point, yet stigmatizing the entire team is one more professional claim. Specifically, after several road examinations with regarding one million residents, even more than 95 percent of them confessed that the words of Shincheonji Church were right. Interior celebrations of 50 or even more individuals and exterior occasions, including 100 or even more individuals, are purely banned.

According to records, just individuals that have finished a six-month education and learning on the sect are officially enlisted as participants as well as permitted to participate in the solutions. Shincheonji TELEVISION is your place to listen to the sincere tales and also testimonies of individuals that have experienced the company of Shincheonji. 7:26 p.m. Malaysia validated five, even more favorable situations, and also advised individuals to delay traveling to specific areas in Italy, Japan as well as Iran.

Currently, the corruption of CCK was revealed to all individuals via 2 New York Times advertisements and the 200 globe press. With declarations, rallies versus CCK, as well as circulation of brochures, Shincheonji Church has informed to the globe the corruption of CCK and also CBS, such as the relaxing relationships in between national politics as well as faith, civils rights offense, bribery, and also so on.

To stand versus Shincheonji Church, CCK (the Christian Council of Korea) and CBS (Christian Broadcasting System) stated battle on as well as tarnished Shincheonji Church. Shincheonji, Chapel of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle from the Testimony (SCJ), widely referred to as Shincheonji or simply Shincheonji, is a descendant Christian brand-new spiritual activity developed in South Korea by Lee Guy-hee. Jun’s church has come to be South Korea’s second-biggest infection collection, behind a branch of the deceptive Shincheonji Church of Jesus in the southeastern city of Daegu that was connected to even more than 5,000 situations complying with a rise of infections in the area in late February as well as March.

Shincheonji’s advising cases that the designer Lee will certainly be the priest forecasted within the New Testament, the assigned follower of Jesus Christ, which guide of Revelation is established in secret allegories which just Lee can do understanding.

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